Dental bonding is an aesthetic dental process according to that is very much successful from past many years due to its features and benefits. With this procedure, you could transform your smile in a single dental session. This process includes the brilliant and innovative use of the perfect amount and shade of dental composite resin, with the fillers. Dental bonding can be done for many purposes, but the main as well as the most common purpose is smile makeover. This procedure comes under the department of cosmetic dentistry and it includes many different ways as well as the causes. Replacing metal, filling cavities, restoring chipped and broken teeth, smile makeover, and more

Most of the people prefer dental composite bonding due to its ability to match the color of the natural teeth. Apart from this, dental composite bonding is better than silver or old amalgam fillings, which looks lethargic as compared to dental bonding. These days, nobody wants metal fillings, and that is why, cosmetic dentistry is trending more. Cosmetic dentistry provides attractive looks and great confidence in the person, and the procedure in cosmetic dentistry are safe as well. Continue reading about Tooth Whitening.

Cosmetic dental bonding is not intended for all cavities, especially the big ones; due to the fact that the bonding material is not powerful enough to protect a big space. Dental bonding as well as the cosmetic bonding is used for filling small spaces, and it is ideal too. If there is too much pressure, you dentist would recommend a different cosmetic dentistry procedure. CEREC technology is a new development in cosmetic dentistry and most of the dentists usually use this to make ceramic fillings, due to the cosmetic benefits. Visual appeal as well as the strength is most important features of ceramic fillings. Pre-made ceramic filling will take a single visit, but you should expect two weeks, as the dental technicians usually take a week or more make ceramic filling.

Composite can only be bonded to a clean surface; that is why dentists generally clean the surface in the initial stage of the process. Shaping and roughing is also a quick process, and then a gel (phosphoric acid based) is applied, as this allows the Composite to stick to the tooth surface. After hardening process, the bonding agent is applied, and then the polishing of composite is done. The process is very simple and short, but it does require a professional expert. Therefore, always visit a dental expert for dental bonding or any other cosmetic dentistry procedure.