A Body Lift is a surgery used to remove excess skin and fat from thighs and buttock area. This surgery is different for each patient and is often dependent on how your body heals. Below are some common questions that you will need the answers to after your surgery. Please review this material and feel free to ask about any further questions that you may have.

Body Lift is much safer if performed by someone who is Board Certified, who has completed standard full Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery residency Certification rather than Board Certification in another unrelated residency such as Dermatology, Ophthalmology, Otolaryngology, or Gynecology. Unfortunately many of these surgeons claim to be plastic surgeons despite their limited training. Those who complete at least five years of training tailored for expertise in Plastic Surgery, rather than training in another area obtain the best training for Body Lift.

You need to schedule your surgery at a time that is convenient to take some time away from work or other duties. You will need to allow approximately one to two weeks away from work, as you will be sore and very tired after the surgery. You will gradually regain your strength and feel “normal” again in a month or two.